An overview of the Symbology toolset

The Symbology toolset contains tools to help manage the visualization of Production Mapping data. Views and visual specifications use map settings and representation rules to control how a map displays features. Views impact map settings like coordinate system, scale, and layer masking. Visual specifications define representation rules for feature classes.

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Apply View

Applies view settings, created by Production Mapping views tools, to a map document.

Calculate Visual Specification

Contains rules that determine the way features should be depicted. This tool assigns representation rules and builds calculated fields on features for symbolization and labeling using a predefined specification.

Drop Visual Specification

Removes the fields associated with visual specifications from the selected feature layers and feature classes.

Select Feature By Specification Override

Selects features from feature classes or feature layers with representation rule IDs or calculated field values that do not match a selected visual specification.

Tools in the Symbology toolset

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