An overview of the Production Mapping toolbox

The Production Mapping toolbox provides a collection of tools that can be used to perform various data and cartographic production tasks. The data production tasks include replication and extraction with distributed geodatabases and the creation of traversal features for linear referencing networks.

For cartographic production, you can use tools from the Cartographic Data toolset to create bands from features or rasters as well as calculate elevation figures and feature extents. The Symbology toolset can be used to manage the way data is viewed in the map in terms of symbology as well as the spatial reference and layers in the map.



Cartographic Data

Tools that support cartographic visualization through generalization, value computation, and feature changes

Distributed Geodatabase

Tools that replicate or extract data from enterprise geodatabases

Linear Referencing

Traverse building tool for line features

Surround Elements

Tool that generates a map index table from input and overlay features


Tools that support symbology and visual specifications


Tool that updates attributes for geometric network features based on source features and tracing task

Toolsets in the Production Mapping toolbox