Defining coordinates for functions by changing coordinates manually

There are several different ways to define coordinates in the Coordinates area of the Feature Builder tab. You can define points manually by typing the coordinates individually. Typing the coordinate value allows you to type the coordinate directly into the Longitude or Latitude cell. The number of decimal places in the coordinate varies based on the precision for the coordinate units you are using.

Learn more about configuring the coordinate display properties

  1. Start ArcMap.
  2. On the menu bar, click Customize > Toolbars > Production Feature Builder.
  3. Click the Launch Feature Builder button Launch Feature Builder on the Production Feature Builder toolbar.

    The Feature Builder window appears in ArcMap.

    The Feature Builder window
    The Feature Builder window


    The Feature Builder window can be placed anywhere in ArcMap, or in the TOC, with the aid of the arrows showing the possible placement positions.

  4. Click the Longitude or Latitude cell that you want to modify.
  5. Type the numbers for the coordinate.

    If the coordinate is 25° 34'56", you would type 0253456 after positioning the mouse pointer at the starting location. In this example, the initial zero needs to be added so that the grid does not interpret the coordinate incorrectly as 253°45'6".

  6. If you are using masks, click the area between the parentheses and type the hemisphere specifier for the longitudinal or latitudinal location of your point.

    The hemisphere specifier represents the hemisphere in which the point is located. North/South (N/S) is for latitudes, and East/West (E/W) is for longitudes.

  7. Once you have finished typing the coordinate value, navigate outside the cell by clicking on another cell or navigating with the arrow keys on your keyboard.

    This will verify and apply the coordinates and activate the Execute button Execute.


    If the coordinates are not valid, they will become red, and the Execute button will not activate.

  8. Repeat steps 4–7 for the remaining coordinates.