Defining the location of SCAMIN XML file

The SCAMIN XML file may require configuration prior to running the SCAMIN tool because the file defines the set of rules used by the SCAMIN tool. These rules indicate what SCAMIN value should be encoded on each S-57 feature in the Electronic Navigational Chart (ENC) or Additional Military Layers (AML) production database. If no rule is defined for a specific S-57 object, no action takes place. You will only need to define the location of the SCAMIN XML file if it's been renamed and/or moved to match the new name and/or path.


To help you get started, a SCAMIN.xml sample file is included at the following location:

  • For 32-bit machines—<installation location>\Program Files\ESRINautical\Desktop10.0\Common
  • For 64-bit machines—<installation location>\Program Files (x86)\ESRINautical\Desktop10.0\Common
This file should be copied as a backup template and pasted in a logical location.

  1. Start ArcMap or ArcCatalog.
  2. On the main menu, click Customize > Production > Production Properties.

    The Production Properties dialog box appears.

  3. Click Nautical Properties.
  4. Click the cell next to SCAMIN XML file location.
  5. Click the ellipsis (...) button.

    The Browse For File dialog box appears.

  6. Navigate to and choose the file that stores your SCAMIN properties.
  7. Click Open.
  8. Click OK.

The selected file location is added to the property.

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