Configuring the SCAMIN file

The SCAMIN tool may require configuration prior to use. The SCAMIN XML file defines the set of rules used by the SCAMIN tool. These rules indicate what SCAMIN value should be encoded on each S-57 feature in the Electronic Navigational Chart (ENC) or Additional Military Layers (AML) databases. If no rule is defined for a specific S-57 object, then no action takes place.

  1. In a browser, navigate to the sample SCAMIN.xml file located in the Nautical Solution installation directory:
    • For 32-bit machines—<installation location>\Program Files\ESRINautical\Desktop10.0\Common
    • For 64-bit machines—<installation location>\Program Files (x86)\ESRINautical\Desktop10.0\Common
  2. Open the XML file either with an XML editor or Windows Notepad.
  3. Modify the SCAMIN.xml file according to
  4. Save the file.