Applying second edition updates

After Apply Changes has been run, you will need to apply second edition updates. You can do this by updating the symbology and annotation for your chart product instance to reflect the changes that came through in the Update sent from the NIS.

Updating symbology and label fields

To update symbology and labels for new or updated features from the NIS, you need to find and select those features first. When changed features are passed from the central database (NIS) to the chart product database, the features' Verified value is changed to 0, meaning "Not verified." Using the Production Advanced Query Command tool, you can select features where the Verified value is either 0 or Null. Once these features are selected, you can browse to them to determine whether or not their symbology or labeling needs to be updated.

  1. Start ArcMap.
  2. If necessary, open the Production Editing toolbar by clicking Customize > Production > Toolbar Settings > Nautical Chart Production on the main menu.
  3. On the Production Editing toolbar, click Production Editing > Production Advanced Query Command.

    The Production Advanced Query dialog box appears.

  4. Click the SQL button on the left side of the form.

    The Select Features Using a Query dialog box appears.

  5. Click the Layer drop-down arrow and choose All Layers.
  6. Click the Method drop-down arrow and choose Create a new selection.
  7. Type in the Where Clause text box so that you have the following query: VERIFIED = 0 OR VERIFIED IS NULL.
  8. Click OK.

    A list of unverified features appears in the grid window of the Production Advanced Query dialog box.

  9. Right-click a record in the list and choose Zoom To to zoom to each record and determine whether it needs to be updated.
  10. If it does not need to be updated, you can choose Remove the selected rows from the shortcut menu.
  11. If it does need to be updated, you can choose Select in map from the shortcut menu.

    Once you have reviewed all the records, you will be left with a set of selected features that need to be updated by running the Calculate Visual Specification geoprocessing tool on the selected set.

  12. Click the ArcToolbox Window button ArcToolbox Window on the Standard toolbar.

    The ArcToolbox window appears.

  13. Expand Nautical Tools > Cartography and double-click Calculate Visual Specifications.

    The Calculate Visual Specifications dialog box appears.

  14. Add the feature layers to the dialog box that remain selected in your Table Of Contents window.
  15. Check the Only calculate selected features check box.
  16. Check the check box next to the appropriate specification in the Visual Specifications list.
  17. Uncheck the Change layer to display calculated fields as labels check box.
  18. Uncheck the Change layer to display calculated representations check box.
  19. Click OK.

    The symbology and annotation are updated for all selected features.