About using ArcGIS services in ArcMap

ArcGIS Desktop users create geographic information that is captured and preserved as geodatabases, map documents, geoprocessing toolboxes, image files, and so on. Each of these can be published and shared as GIS Web services using ArcGIS Server.

ArcGIS services, refers to the GIS services published using ArcGIS Server that bring these information sets to life on the Web—for example, as map services, image services, and geoprocessing services.

ArcGIS services published using ArcGIS Server

Service type

Required GIS resource

Map service

Map service definition (.msd) or map document (.mxd, .pmf)

Geocode service

Address locator (.loc, .mxs, ArcSDE batch locator)

Geodata service

Map service definition (.msd) or database connection file (.sde) or personal geodatabase or file geodatabase or map document referencing data from a versioned geodatabase

Geometry service

Does not require a GIS resource

Geoprocessing service

Map document with a tool layer or toolbox (.tbx)

Globe service

Globe document (.3dd, .pmf)

Image service

Raster dataset or layer file referencing a raster dataset or mosaic dataset or compiled image service definition (.ISCDef)

Search service

Folders and geodatabases of GIS content that you want to search

Services published using ArcGIS Server

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