Adding ArcGIS Server map services

ArcGIS Server content can be added to ArcMap (as well as ArcScene and ArcGlobe) as map layers. There are a number of ways you can add ArcGIS map services to your map, which are described here.

Adding a map service using Add Data

  1. Click the Add Data button Add Data on the Standard toolbar to open the Add Data dialog box.
  2. In the Look in list, choose GIS Servers to see a list of servers you have previously used.

    If you don't see the server you want, use Add ArcGIS Server to connect to a GIS server.

  3. Once connected to ArcGIS Server, map services are listed in the Add Data dialog box using the GIS service icon Add data icon for GIS services. Choose the map service you want to add.
  4. Click Add.

    The service is added as a layer.

Adding a map service from the Catalog window

  1. Connect to ArcGIS Server in the Catalog window.
  2. Choose a map service and drag it into your map canvas. Within your map canvas, your pointer changes Cursor for adding content from the Catalog Window to ArcMap. You can successfully add your map service with this pointer.

Adding services from ArcGIS online

Add map services from ArcGIS online as follows:

  1. Click File > ArcGIS Online. A dialog box appears.
  2. Choose the desired ArcGIS map or image service from the dialog box.

Adding from the ArcGIS Services Directory

Every GIS Web service published using ArcGIS Server has a URL and an entry in ArcGIS Services Directory. This is a catalog of the services and includes a description of every GIS service. For example, the following is a Services Directory entry for a Demographics/USA unemployment map service:

The Services Directory description for a Demographics/USA Unemployment Rate map service

Add a map service on the Web from ArcGIS Services Directory:

  1. Connect to Services Directory. In a Web browser, type the URL http://<server name>/arcgis/rest/services. You see either a list of folders, a set of services, or both.
    Services directory contents

    You can use a URL shortcut by typing http://<>/arcgis/rest.

  2. Navigate to the desired map service. A Web page similar to the Demographics service description page above is displayed for each service.
  3. Click the View in: ArcMap link to add the service as a layer in ArcMap.
    Adding a map service from the Services Directory

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