Viewing a selection of images from an image service

When your image service is composed of more than one image, you can select one or more images and add each of those images as a separate layer or a single layer in the table of contents. This allows you to view only the images or extent you want rather than the entire contents of the image service.

The quickest way to discover if there are multiple images in your image service is to open the layer properties, and if the dialog box has a Mosaic tab, then you know there are multiple images in your image service.

It may be useful to view the footprints for each image within the image service. You can turn on the footprints within the Layer Properties dialog box.

  1. Make a selection. This can be done using several methods:
    • Open the attribute table and select one or more rows.
    • Use Select by Attribute or Select by Location from the Selection menu.
    • Use the Select Features tool Select Features on the Tools toolbar.
  2. Optionally, right-click the image service layer, point to Selection, then click Reselect Only Primary Rasters.

    This will remove any overviews from the selection set.

  3. Next, you can choose to either create a single layer whose extent will be clipped by the selection set or add each selected image as a separate layer to the table of contents.
    • To clip the layer extent to the selection, right-click the image service layer and click Selection > Create Layer From Selected Features.
    • To add each selected image to the table of contents, right-click the image service layer, click Selection > Add Selected Rasters To Map, enter a Group layer name and choose a field in the attribute table that will be used to name each layer, then click OK.

    If you only see the footprints of the images but not the actual raster data, it may be because they cannot be viewed at the scale of your display. You can zoom in or right-click the layer and click Zoom To Service Resolution.

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