Previewing each raster dataset in an image service

When you add an image service that is serving multiple raster datasets from a mosaic dataset, you can preview the specific raster datasets that make up the image service and examine the metadata or properties for each raster dataset. To do this, you open the attribute table, then click within the RASTER column to view each raster dataset within the viewer. The image displayed in the viewer has been processed. Therefore, if the image service is serving pan-sharpened, orthorectified data, the image you view will be pan sharpened and orthorectified.

It may be useful to view the footprints for each raster within the image service. You can turn on the footprints within the Layer Properties dialog box.

  1. Right-click the image service layer in the table of contents and click Open Attribute Table.
  2. Click in the row in the RASTER column and a preview button appears.
    Raster column
  3. Click the preview button to open the viewer window.
    Preview button
  4. Click the Preview tab.

    You can pan and zoom in this window to explore the raster dataset. You can use the Flash button Flash button to flash the location in the ArcMap display view of this raster dataset. You can also examine the metadata or raster dataset properties by clicking the Metadata tab or Properties tab.

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