Associating an annotation group with a layer

  1. Right-click the data frame in the table of contents and click Properties.
  2. Click the Annotation Groups tab.
  3. Double-click the annotation group in the list of annotation groups that you want to associate with a layer.
  4. Choose the name of the layer with which to associate the group from the Associated Layer drop-down list and click OK.
  5. Click OK on the Data Frame Properties dialog box.
You can also associate an annotation group with a layer when you create a new annotation group.

Learn more about creating an annotation group

When you use the New Annotation Group command to create an empty annotation group, you can specify which layer you want to associate the annotation group with. So you can create a new annotation group, associate it with the desired layer, and start drawing on the map. When an annotation group is associated with a layer, it will be automatically turned on or off if you turn the layer on or off.
When you choose a layer, its current scale range properties (defined on the General tab of the Layer Properties dialog box) are copied and become the scale range properties for the annotation group. You can edit the annotation group's properties if you want.
The scale range properties of an annotation group associated with a layer do not automatically update if you edit the layer's scale range properties.

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