What's new for representations in ArcGIS 10

New geometric effects

There are two new geometric effects for modifying line geometry.

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Jog Effect

The Jog effect creates a dynamic line with a jog of specified angle, position, and width in the line.

Jog effect
Jog effect properties

Arrow Effect

The Arrow effect creates a dynamic line along a line feature with an arrow of a specified style and width.

Arrow effect
Arrow effect properties

Position property

The Position property is new for the Dashes geometric effect and the Along Line, Randomly Along Line, Along Outline, and Randomly Along Outline marker placement styles. Currently, all repeating patterns start at unit zero, and the position property gives you a mechanism to indicate where a pattern should begin to be displayed for a feature. This is especially important for synchronizing the placement of markers in relation to dashed lines.

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Dashes effect properties
Along line marker placement style propertiesAlong outline marker placement style properties
Randomly along line marker placement style propertiesRandomly along outline marker placement style properties

Representation layer enhancements

When a feature class that has a representation is added to a map in ArcMap, the layer is automatically symbolized with that representation. If more than one representation is available on the feature class, the first is used. You can choose to display layers using any of the display options using the Layer Properties dialog box, however.

When a layer is displayed with a representation, you can show the integer value of the Rule ID, or you can now show the number of features in the layer that are following that rule by checking Show Feature Countfrom the Rule Options menu.

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Show Feature Count selected on the Rule context menuShow Feature Count uncheckedShow Feature Count checked

Representation editing enhancements

You can now move selected feature representations a set distance at a given angle using the Distance option on the Move dialog box accessed from the shortcut menu ofMove tool Move Tool tool.

Move tool dialog box

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Similarly, selected elements in representation markers can be sized specifically from the Set Size dialog box which is accessible from the shortcut menu of the canvas on the Marker Editor dialog box.

Set Size dialog box

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Improved warning messages for customization

Representation rules can include geometric effects and marker placement styles. Many are provided with ArcMap, but custom versions can easily be created as well. In the event that a representation rule is referencing a custom component that is not currently accessible, you will now be shown the name of the missing component in order to help you find the missing component.

Missing representation rule component

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