Working with the Marker Editor

This topic applies to ArcEditor and ArcInfo only.

The Marker Editor is used to create and modify representation markers. Representation markers symbolize point representation geometry and significant locations in line or polygon representations as defined by representation control points or marker placement styles. Representation markers can be stored in a style, then managed using the Style Manager dialog box.

Most of the tools in the Marker Editor are the same as those found on the Representation toolbar. Selecting and modifying parts of a marker are similar to selecting and modifying feature representations. You can even add geometric effects and marker placement styles to representation markers.

Learn how to select and modify feature representations

You can open the Marker Editor by selecting a representation marker from within a representation rule on the Layer Properties dialog box in ArcMap, on the Feature Class Properties dialog box in the Catalog window, or from the Style Manager dialog box.

The Marker Editor
The Marker Editor

The Marker Editor display environment

Click the Properties button Properties in the Marker Editor to open the Marker Editor Properties dialog box to adjust

How to modify a representation marker in a representation rule

  1. Click the Symbology tab on the Layer Properties dialog box and ensure that the feature class representation is active.
  2. Expand the marker symbol layer containing the representation marker to be modified by clicking the Marker symbol layer tab.
  3. Click the image of the representation marker to open the Marker Selector dialog box.
  4. Click Properties to open the Marker Editor.
  5. Modify the representation marker as desired using the selection and editing tools below the canvas. For example, to change the color of a marker, do the following:
    • Select the element with the Select Marker Part tool Edit Tool.
    • Click the Color field in the properties of the element.
    • Choose a different color from the palette.

How to override a representation marker

  1. In an edit session, select a feature representation that is symbolized with a representation marker.
  2. Open the Representation Properties window by clicking the Representation Properties button Representation Properties on the Representation toolbar.
  3. Click the Drawing tab on the Representation Properties window.
  4. Choose the appropriate marker symbol layer by clicking its tab Marker symbol layer if necessary.
  5. Override the size or angle property of the marker symbol by typing new values or using the Resize Resize Tool or Rotate Rotate Tool tools if desired.
  6. To use a different representation marker, or to change a representation marker property, click the marker image in the marker symbol layer to open the Marker Selector dialog box.

How to create a new representation marker in a style

  1. Click Customize > Style Manager to open the Style Manager dialog box.
  2. Expand a writeable style, click the Styles button to open a style, or create a new style to contain the new representation marker.
  3. Click the Representation Markers folder.
  4. Right-click in the right pane and click New, then click Representation Marker. The Marker Editor opens with a blank canvas.
  5. Add elements to the marker either by drawing freehand with the Line Creation tool Line Creation tool or the Polygon Creation tool Polygon Creation tool or by inserting predefined graphics with the Add Predefined Polygon tool.
    Add Predefined Polygon tool
  6. Adjust elements of the representation marker as necessary using the symbol layer properties of each element listed on the pane to the right of the canvas, the editing tools on the toolbar, or the commands found on the shortcut menu of the Select Marker Part tool Edit Tool.
  7. When you've completed constructing and modifying the marker, click OK to save the representation marker in the Representation Marker folder of the specified style.
  8. Rename the representation marker as desired.

How to create a representation marker from a bitmap

  1. Create a picture maker symbol from a bitmap image and save the picture marker symbol into a style.
  2. Click the Symbology tab on the Layer Properties dialog box and ensure that the feature class representation is active.
  3. Click the Rule Options button Layer Options button and click Import Symbol.
  4. Navigate to the new picture marker symbol in the Symbol Selector dialog box and click OK. A new rule will be added to the list that includes a marker symbol layer containing a representation marker that has been converted from the picture marker symbol.

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