Using the keyboard to fly

The keyboard can be used to control the Fly tool.

  1. Click the Orbital Fly button Fly Tool on the Globe toolbar.
  2. Use the following keys to control the Fly tool:

    F—Start and stop flying

    A—Turn left

    D—Turn right

    W—Increase forward speed

    S—Decrease forward speed; reverse direction

    J—Decrease elevation; zoom in

    L—Increase elevation; zoom out

    I—Increase pitch; view horizon

    K—Decrease pitch; vertical view

    N—Roll right

    M—Roll left

    The ARROW keys can also be used to control direction.

Keyboard control allows you to make simultaneous flight adjustments that enhance the visualization experience.

  1. Click the Target tool and use it to center an object of interest on the display canvas.
  2. Click the Orbital Fly button and turn on the fixed line of sight option.
  3. Hold the RIGHT ARROW key to rotate the object on the display.
  4. Use the I and K keys to view the object from different angles as it rotates.

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Published 6/8/2010