About moving around on the map

As you work with a map, you can easily change how you view the data it contains. When browsing a map, you might want to pan and zoom around the data to investigate different areas and features.

There are three sets of tools for navigating the map: those on the Data toolbar, the Globe toolbar, and the Layout toolbar. The Globe toolbar is only available for published maps with globe (3D) content. Data tools are primarily used to navigate the active data frame, and layout tools are used to navigate the page. Use the data tools to interact with the data displayed in the active data frame or globe. Use the layout tools to interact with the data frame and map elements on the layout page. The data, globe, and layout tools are also available by clicking the View menu or the Tools menu.

When you are working in layout view, both toolbars are active. In data view, only the Data toolbar is active.

Navigating to a particular x,y location

You can use the Go To XY command Go To XY to specify a particular x,y location and navigate to it. You can pan to, zoom to, or flash the location. You can also draw a point, a labeled point, or a callout at the location. The recent history list makes it easy to return to coordinates you have already entered.

Go To XY dialog box

The tools on the Go To XY dialog box are listed below:

Pan To Pan to the location.

Zoom To Zoom to the location.

Flash Flash the location.

Add Point Draw a point at the location.

Add Labeled Point Draw a point at the location labeled with its coordinates.

Add Callout Draw a callout pointing at the location showing its coordinates.

Recent Return to a location you've already entered in this session.

Units Choose the units in which to enter coordinates.

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Published 6/8/2010