Using the Globe Navigation tool

  1. Click the Globe Navigation button Navigate on the Globe toolbar. The Globe Navigation tool allows you to rotate the globe and zoom in and out.
  2. Click and drag the globe. If you are zoomed out to a global view, the globe will rotate in the direction you drag it. If you are zoomed in close to the surface, the experience will be similar to using the Pan tool on a 2D map.
  3. Right-click and drag down to zoom in, or drag up to zoom out from the globe.
  1. When the Globe Navigation button is clicked, the display will adjust to a vertical, or straight-down, view of the target point. The target or pivot point is located at the center of the display canvas.
  2. The Globe Navigation tool spins the globe on its axis and does not allow you to rotate the globe over the poles. If you are working with data near the north or south pole, set a target point and use the Pan tool. The Pan tool will allow you to navigate over the poles when a target has been set.

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Published 6/8/2010