About spatial bookmarks

A spatial bookmark identifies a predefined geographic location. Clicking a bookmark zooms to that location. Bookmarks allow you to easily navigate to the areas of interest that have been defined by the map's author.

All bookmarks for the map are displayed in the bookmark list. If there are multiple data frames on the map, they will also be listed.

Using the My Places dialog box

The My Places dialog box lets you create and work with a list of your most frequently used or favorite addresses, locations, features, and spatial extents. You can use this dialog box to navigate around to view these places. You can also annotate your map to show their locations and add the places to the route finding dialog boxes as stops and barriers. Adding items to the My Places list makes it easy for you to store your frequently used addresses, gazetteer locations, features, and extents and use them to navigate around maps and globes.

Your list of places is available regardless of which map you are using. Places are stored in a separate file on your computer, not in the map, as is the case with spatial bookmarks. So, you work with the same list of places in any application that supports them.

You can add items to the My Places list using the buttons on the dialog box or through the Find dialog box.

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Published 6/8/2010