Using the Go To XY tool

  1. Click the button Go To XY on the Tools toolbar.
  2. Click the Units button Units and choose the units for the input coordinates.
  3. Enter the longitude-latitude, MGRS, or U.S. National Grid coordinates.
  4. Press ENTER.
  5. You can also click Pan To Pan To or Zoom To Zoom To to navigate to the coordinate. Click Flash Flash to flash the location.

  6. Click the other buttons on the Go To XY dialog box if you want to add a marker, label, or callout at the location.
  7. To return to a previous location, click the Recent button Recent and click an entry in the list.
  1. Decimal degrees and degrees/minutes/seconds will be unavailable if the layer or data frame does not have a defined coordinate system.
  2. Degrees/minutes/seconds, such as 108°15'23"W, can be typed in the following formats:
    • –108 15 23
    • 108 15 23 W
    • –108.256
  3. You can use the Identify tool to click any location in the map and find its x,y location.
  4. With decimal degrees as the units, you can specify the hemisphere by typing a plus sign (+), minus sign (–), N, S, E, and W.
  5. Clear Temporary Graphics, on the Edit menu, can be used to remove markers, labels, and callouts created with the Go To XY toolbar.

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Published 6/8/2010