Opening the magnifier window

When you don't want to adjust your map display but want to see things in greater detail, use the magnifier window.

The magnifier window works like a magnifying glass; as you pass the window over the data, you see a magnified view of the location under the window. Moving the magnifier window around does not affect the current map display.

Right-click the magnifier window to adjust the magnification factor.


The magnifier window is not enabled for published maps that contain 3D globe content.

  1. Click the Window menu and click Magnifier.
  2. The magnifier window appears.

  3. Drag the magnifier window over the data to see a magnified view.
  4. Right-click inside the magnifier window to access its various settings.
The magnifier window is available in both data and layout views. When you switch views while the magnifier window is open, it will redraw to show the current view. The redraw will occur even if the magnifier is set to Locked mode.

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Published 6/8/2010