Using the Pan tool

  1. Click the Pan button on the Navigation toolbar.
  2. Move the mouse pointer over the map display and click and drag the pointer to pan the map.
  3. Alternatively, select the Continuous Zoom/Pan tool Continuous Zoom/Pan and right-click the display to pan the map.
  1. To display the map as it was originally published, click the File menu and click Reload.
  2. If you are working with a 2D map and the layer doesn't draw when you move around the data frame, it may have a scale range set that prevents the layer from displaying on the map at certain scales. Right-click the layer in the table of contents, click Properties, then use the Layer Properties dialog box to determine how the scale range is set. Alternatively, you can right-click the layer and click Zoom To Make Visible.

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Published 6/8/2010