What are the raster or mosaic dataset functions?

Functions can be applied to the raster data in a mosaic dataset or on the entire mosaic dataset. These functions are applied to the raster data on the fly as the mosaicked image is accessed and viewed.


Function name



Performs an arithmetic operation between two partially or completely spatially overlapping rasters or a raster and one or more constant values.


Identifies the downslope direction of the maximum rate of change in value from each cell to its neighbors.


Extracts or excludes an area in a raster according to a set of extents.

Color Model Conversion

Converts the color model of an image. For example, from either the HSV (hue, saturation, and value) to RGB (red, green, and blue) or vice versa.


Transforms the pixel values to display the raster data as either a grayscale or a red, green, blue (RGB) image, based on a color map.

Colormap To RGB

Converts a single-band raster with a color map to a three-band (red, green, and blue) raster.


Computes magnitude from complex values.

Composite Band

Combines rasters to form a multiband raster.


Creates a virtual raster with a single pixel value for all its pixels.


Performs filtering on the pixel values in a raster, which can be used for sharpening an image, blurring an image, detecting edges within an image, or other kernel-based enhancements.

Extract Band

Reorders or extracts bands from a raster.


Rectifies an image based on the geodata transform that is supplied with the raster. This can be used to orthorectify rasters based on a sensor definition and a terrain model.


Converts a multiband raster into a grayscale raster.


Generates a grayscale model of a terrain with the sun's relative position taken into account for shading the terrain.


Default function required by all rasters in a mosaic dataset if there is no other function.


Creates NoData by defining a range of pixel values. Any values outside the range will be returned as NoData.


Calculates the Normalized Vegetation Differential Index (NDVI) values using a two-band raster consisting of the Red and near-infrared bands.


Enhances the spatial resolution of a multiband image by fusing it with a higher-resolution panchromatic image.

Raster Info

Modifies properties of the raster, such as bit depth.

Shaded Relief

Generates a shaded relief from an elevation model and color ramp.


Calculates the rate of change of elevation for each DEM cell.

Spectral Conversion

Applies a matrix to a multiband image to affect the spectral values of the output. This can be used to convert a false color image to a pseudo color image.


Calculates focal statistics for each pixel of an image based on a defined focal neighborhood.


Enhances an image by changing properties such as brightness, contrast, and gamma through multiple stretch types.

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