Mosaic dataset properties

There are two sections of properties for a mosaic dataset. The general properties are similar to those you find for all raster datasets, such as the data source, extent, cell sizes, and bit depth. For more information on the general properties, see Raster dataset properties. There are also properties specific to the mosaic dataset that include all the nonraster dataset-specific information. These properties can be set by the author of the mosaic dataset, and if the mosaic dataset is served, the server administrator can also modify these properties. Some properties can be set by the client; however, they will only affect the mosaic on their display.

You can access the Mosaic Dataset Properties dialog box via the Catalog window or in ArcCatalog by right-clicking the mosaic dataset and clicking Properties.

The properties on the Default tab are specific to the mosaic dataset. These properties affect how the mosaicked image will be presented to the user (or client) and how they might interact with it. They can also impact the performance of the server or image service if the mosaic dataset is served. You can edit the values in the dialog box by clicking the value next to the property. You will either be able to type in a different value or make a selection from a list.

The mosaicked image properties include

When publishing a mosaic dataset using ArcGIS Server, the server administrator can modify some of these properties; however, they will not be able to exceed the maximums you have set. For example, If you limit the allowed mosaic methods to only three of the methods, the administrator will not be able to add a fourth method. Or, if you set the maximum number of downloadable items, they can reduce the number but not increase this number.

If you change the properties to exceed or limit a value, such as the Maximum Size Of Requests, you need to completely republish the mosaic dataset. If you restart the image service, the changed properties in the mosaic dataset will not be picked up.

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