Raster dataset properties

A raster dataset's Properties dialog box lists the specific details associated with each raster. These properties are divided into five sections:

You can collapse and expand each of these sections on the Raster Dataset Properties dialog box as you explore this information; by default, all sections are expanded.

To view the raster dataset properties in ArcCatalog, right-click the raster dataset and click Properties. In ArcMap, right-click the raster dataset layer in the table of contents, click Properties, then click the Source tab. You can also obtain properties of a raster dataset using the Get Raster Properties tool.

Data source

The Data Source section describes the raster dataset's name, type, and location. If the raster dataset is on a database server, it has server information rather than path information. If the image is an image service,the Data Source section is titled Image Service and provides the appropriate information.

Raster information

The Raster Information section lists the raster-specific properties, including the following:


The Extent section describes the rectangle (boundary) containing all the raster dataset's data. The top, bottom, left, and right coordinates of the rectangle are listed in the same spatial reference units in which the raster is stored.

Spatial reference

The raster dataset's coordinate system is described in the Spatial Reference section. All the spatial reference's parameters are listed; if a coordinate system has not been defined, this will be noted instead.

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The Statistics section lists several of the raster dataset's statistics:

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