Deleting multiversioned views

To remove a multiversioned view from the database, use the sdetable command with the delete_mv_view operation.


Do not use Structured Query Language (SQL) to drop your multiversioned view.

  1. To delete a multiversioned view named parcels_mv that was created on a table named parcels, use the sdetable command with the delete_mv_view operation. Examples for each DBMS are shown here.
    • IBM DB2
      sdetable –o delete_mv_view –t parcels
      -i sde:db2 –D landbase –u bjorn –p a.secret
    • IBM Informix
      sdetable –o delete_mv_view –t parcels 
      -i sde:informix –D landbase –u bjorn –p a.secret
    • Oracle
      sdetable –o delete_mv_view –t parcels 
      -i sde:oracle11g –u bjorn@ora11sv –p a.secret
    • PostgreSQL
      sdetable –o delete_mv_view –t parcels 
      -i sde:postgresql:server1 –D landbase –u bjorn –p a.secret
    • Microsoft SQL Server
      sdetable –o delete_mv_view –t parcels 
      -i sde:sqlserver:myserver\sqlinstance –D landbase –u bjorn –p a.secret

    For complete syntax information for the sdetable command, see the ArcSDE Administration Command Reference provided with the ArcSDE component of ArcGIS Server Enterprise.


    If you are using ArcSDE for PostgreSQL and accidentally drop your multiversioned view at the SQL prompt rather than using sdetable –o delete_mv_view, use the sde_clean_rule_functions to unreference the rule functions.

    SELECT sde_clean_rule_functions();

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