Creating multiversioned views

Use the administration command sdetable -o create_mv_view to create a multiversioned view on a single business table that has already been registered as versioned through ArcGIS.

Only one multiversioned view can exist per feature class, and you cannot create a multiversioned view on a view.

  1. To create a multiversioned view named parcels_mv on a feature class named parcels, use the sdetable command with the create_mv_view operation. Examples for each DBMS are shown here.
    • IBM DB2 on Linux, UNIX, or Windows
      sdetable –o create_mv_view –T parcels_mv –t parcels -i sde:db2 –D landbase –u bjorn –p a.secret
    • IBM Informix
      sdetable –o create_mv_view –T parcels_mv –t parcels -i sde:informix –D landbase –u bjorn –p a.secret
    • Oracle
      sdetable –o create_mv_view –T parcels_mv –t parcels -i sde:oracle11g –u bjorn@myora –p a.secret
    • PostgreSQL
      sdetable –o create_mv_view –T parcels_mv –t parcels -i sde:postgresql:myserver –D landbase –u bjorn –p a.secret
    • Microsoft SQL Server
      sdetable –o create_mv_view –T parcels_mv –t parcels 
      -i sde:sqlserver:myserve\sqlinst –D landbase –u bjorn –p a.secret

    You do not choose columns or define a WHERE clause when using the sdetable –o create_mv_view command as you do when you create standard or spatial views using sdetable –o create_view or Structured Query Language.

    For complete syntax information for the sdetable command, see the ArcSDE Administration Command Reference provided with the ArcSDE component of ArcGIS Server Enterprise.

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