Editing Terrain dataset properties

Terrain schema properties are set when you create a terrain dataset. These include the participating feature classes, pyramid level definitions, and tile size (which is derived from the average point spacing). Some of these can be modified without requiring the terrain dataset to be rebuilt; others require a build.

Properties that can be edited without rebuilding your terrain dataset

Properties that require rebuilding your terrain dataset

A terrain schema is modified via terrain-specific geoprocessing tools. These can be found in the terrain toolset inside the 3D Analyst toolbox. Use of these tools requires a 3D Analyst license.

When a terrain has been invalidated because of a schema edit, it will not display. To confirm the reason for the lack of display, look on the Source tab of the Terrain Layer Properties dialog box. It indicates whether the terrain needs to be built. This information is also reported on the General tab of the Terrain Properties dialog box in ArcCatalog.

When a terrain dataset needs to be rebuilt, you can use the Build button on the Update tab of the Terrain Properties dialog box in ArcCatalog or the Build Terrain tool in the 3D Analyst Terrain toolset. Building a terrain requires a 3D Analyst license.

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