Setting advanced options for printing an attribute table

You can print an attribute table directly from the Table window. Printing from the table allows you to quickly get your attribute information into hard copy, where you can use it in a report or as reference information.

  1. On the Print dialog box, click the Advanced Options tab.
  2. Make your desired choices under Printing Range Options. You can print the entire table, only the selected records, or a range of records.

    To print a range, type the from and to record numbers in the boxes. If the end record number is unknown, it's because you have more than 2,000 records in your table. You can click the ellipsis button next to the to box to obtain the end record number. (This may take some time depending on the number of records in your table.)

  3. Set the printing layout and appearance options as desired. These options only change how the table appears when printed. You can do the following:

    • Include column headers on all pages, so you can see the field names on each page when your table prints on multiple pages.
    • Print selected records in bold.
    • Choose not to print fields such as Shape, Shape_Length, and Shape_Area.
    • Add a number to each field heading.
    • Print the field aliases instead of the actual field names as they are stored in the geodatabase.
    • Change the font size.

  4. Set options for the page header at the top of each page, including the heading, current date, and page numbers. You can also see a preview of the page header.
  5. Click Print once you're ready.

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