Understanding how to print a table

Printing the view of your table in the Table window allows you to get a quick look at the contents of your table. You can print tables directly from the Table window, without having to create a report or add the table to your map layout.

The table will be printed as it appears on-screen. Tables are printed using the current font, font size, and font color specified on the Appearance dialog box accessed from the Table Options Table Options menu. Records that are currently selected or highlighted in the table are printed in bold by default.

You can use the Advanced Options tab on the Print dialog box to set additional printer formatting options for the range of records, fields and column headers, and page headers to print. For example, the font size setting on the Print dialog box lets you override the font size specified on the Appearance dialog box.

If you need extra formatting and control over the appearance of your tabular data when printed, you should create a report and print it.

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