Common tables and attributes tasks

Below are some common table-related tasks and where you can go in this help system to find more information. Click the links to go to more detailed help topics.

In addition, there are many geoprocessing tools available within ArcGIS that allow you to perform tasks such as data conversion and management on tables and attribute data. Many tools are available with any ArcGIS license, although some may require an ArcEditor or ArcInfo license. See the documentation for the particular tool for details on usage, parameters, and licenses.

Common task or workflow

Where to go for more information

Available geoprocessing tools

Creating a new table

Creating tables

To learn about other types of data sources you can use in tables, see About tabular data sources.

Create Table

Importing, copying, and converting tabular data sources

Importing tables

An overview of adding datasets to the geodatabase

To learn about the importing process and the geodatabase, see How data converts when importing.

Table To Geodatabase

Table To Table

Table To dBASE

Copy Rows

Adding fields

Adding and deleting fields

To learn about fields and their data types, see Geodatabase field data types.

Add Field

Delete Field

Displaying tables

Adding and viewing tables in ArcMap

Previewing a table in ArcCatalog

Setting field properties, aliases, and table display options

Make Table View

Creating associations among tables, such as joining, relating, and using relationship classes

About joining and relating tables

Joining tables

Relating tables

Relationships and ArcGIS

Deciding between relationship classes, joins, and relates

Add Join

Remove Join

Create Relationship Class

Editing attribute values

Editing values in a table

Editing attributes

Calculating the values in fields

Making field calculations

Working with date fields

Calculate Field

Printing tables

Printing a table

Creating a layer from a table with x,y coordinate data

Add x,y data to ArcMap to display it

Make XY Event Layer

Using linear referencing

An overview of linear referencing

An overview of the Linear Referencing toolbox

Geocoding a table of addresses

An overview of geocoding

An overview of the Geocoding toolbox

Common table-related tasks and where to go for more information