Previewing a table in ArcCatalog

Previewing tables in ArcCatalog allows you to view the data like you would in ArcMap. The only difference between the table view in ArcCatalog and ArcMap is that the functionality for working with tables in ArcCatalog is limited. While previewing a table in ArcCatalog, you can add or delete a field, but editing attributes is not possible.

  1. Click the item in the Catalog tree whose tabular data you want to preview.
  2. Click the Preview tab.
  3. Choose Table from the drop-down list on the Preview tab.

    The table's columns and rows, along with the value for each cell, are displayed.

  4. Explore the table's contents using the scroll bars and buttons at the bottom of the table. Once you click inside the table, you can also use the arrow keys on your keyboard to explore its contents.

When working with tables stored in databases, many people can view and edit a table's contents at the same time. If the values in the table you're previewing could be changing, you may want to reload the table's contents periodically to ensure you're seeing the most current values. Click Table Options at the bottom of the table and click Reload Cache to refresh the table's values.

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