Moving network analysis objects

The Select/Move Network Locations ToolSelect/Move Network Locations Tool can select network analysis objects and move point-based network locations on the map display.

If you need to move linear or polygonal network analysis objects, consider re-creating them or updating them from graphics.

Learn about updating network analysis objects from graphics

    It is assumed you have opened ArcMap, added a network dataset, created a network analysis layer, and created network analysis objects.
  1. On the Network Analyst toolbar, click Select/Move Network Locations Tool Select/Move Network Locations Tool.
  2. If the Network Analyst window is not already present, click the Show/Hide Network Analyst Window button Show/Hide Network Analyst Window on the Network Analyst toolbar.
  3. In the Network Analyst window, click the name of the network analysis class that contains the object you want to select.
  4. Click the network analysis object on the map display.

    The object is selected.

  5. Click and drag the selected network location to a new location.

    Alternatively, you can press CTRL while you click anywhere on the map. The selected network location moves to the location that was clicked.

  6. If you would like to know where the network location is located on the network, press either the 1 or 2 key.

    A green dot and crosshairs flash on the network. If you have configured Network Analyst to reference an address locator, the 2 key will also display the nearest address in the status bar of the Network Analyst window.