Updating network analysis objects from graphics

Once a network analysis object is created, you may need to move it or change its shape. Moving point objects can be accomplished with the Select/Move Network Locations ToolSelect/Move Network Locations Tool. Yet, if you want to move or change the shape of linear or polygonal network analysis objects, you can use the Update Shape from Graphic command.

The following steps demonstrate how to use the Update Shape from Graphic command using a new graphic. The examples in the steps show a polygonal network analysis object—specifically a polygon barrier; however, you can also use this method with linear and even point-based objects.


    It is assumed you have opened ArcMap, added a network dataset, created a network analysis layer, and created a network analysis object.

  1. If the Draw toolbar is not present, click Customize > Toolbars > Draw.
  2. Use the Draw toolbar to help you create a graphic. You should make it in the shape and location you want the network analysis object that you are updating to be in.

    A polygon barrier that will be updated from a graphic.
    This polygon barrier will be updated from a graphic.

    The new shape and location of the polygon is created with the Draw toolbar.
    The new drawing to the right of the polygon barrier will be used to update the shape of the barrier.

  3. If the Network Analyst window is not already present, click the Show/Hide Network Analyst Window button Show/Hide Network Analyst Window on the Network Analyst toolbar.
  4. Right-click the network analysis object you want to update and choose Update Shape from Graphic.

    The Update Shape from Graphic command won't be available if multiple graphics are selected.

    The old geometry of the network analysis object is replaced with that of the graphic, and the graphic is deleted.

    The polygon barrier moves to the location of the graphic and the graphic is deleted.