Create a turn feature between two edges that share both junctions

To create a turn between two edges that are connected to each other at both ends, you must specify at least three positions when defining the turn. For example, in the situation below, if you only specify two positions (one on each edge), there is not enough information to determine where the turn should be created; Network Analyst needs to know if the turn feature represents travel along the right or left side of the circle.

diagram of creating a turn

Specifying an additional sketch vertex at the site of the turn will provide the additional information required to create the turn feature.

Diagram of creating a turn

  1. Click the first edge to create one vertex for the turn.
  2. Click the junction on the side you want the turn to affect. This creates another vertex for the turn feature.

    You should enable snapping to junctions when clicking a junction.

  3. Double-click the edge that shares endpoints with the first edge.

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