Creating a turn feature

  1. Start ArcMap by clicking Start > All Programs > ArcGIS > ArcMap 10.
  2. Click the Catalog window button Catalog Window on the Standard toolbar.

    The dockable Catalog window opens.

  3. Navigate to the location of the network dataset.
  4. Right-click the network dataset and click Properties.

    The Network Dataset Properties dialog box opens.

  5. Click the General tab.
  6. If Status is set to Not Built, you need to build the network dataset. To do this, click OK to close the dialog box, then right-click the network dataset and choose Build.


    Turn features reference edge elements, but edge elements only exist after the network dataset is built; therefore, the network dataset must be built before you can create turn features.

  7. Using the Catalog window, navigate to the location of the network dataset and drag it into the map display or the table of contents.

    The Adding Network Layer dialog box opens.

  8. Click Yes to add the network dataset and all its source feature classes to the map.
  9. Make sure that the feature class or feature classes containing the edges referenced by the turn are visible on the map. You can check them on in the Table Of Contents window to make them visible.
  10. Click the Editor Toolbar button Editor Toolbar on the Standard toolbar.

    The Editor toolbar is displayed.

  11. Click the Editor menu on the Editor toolbar and click Start Editing.

    The Start Editing dialog box opens.

  12. If the Snapping toolbar is not displayed, on the Editor toolbar, click Editor > Snapping > Snapping Toolbar to display it.
  13. Turn on edge snapping by clicking the Edge Snapping button on the Snapping toolbar.
  14. Select your turns feature class in the Create Features dockable window.
  15. Choose Line in the Construction Tools section of the dockable window.
  16. Sequentially click each line feature that makes up the turn. Multiple vertices can be placed along a single edge element, but at least one vertex must be placed on each edge element of the turn.

    Example of clicking multiple vertices

  17. Double-click the last edge feature in the turn to finish the sketch.

    Example of clicking multiple vertices

    The turn feature is created if there are no errors.

    The fields on the turn feature describing the line features you snapped to are filled in automatically.

  18. On the Editor toolbar, click the Attributes button Attributes to show the Attribute Editor.
  19. Edit the attributes as needed.

    This is where you might add a value to an additional field for restricting the turn or adding a cost for making the turn.

  20. When the edits to the turn feature class are completed, on the Editor toolbar, click Editor > Stop Editing.
  21. Click Yes to save the edits.
  22. If the Network Analyst toolbar is not already present, click Customize > Toolbars > Network Analyst.

    The Network Analyst toolbar is added to ArcMap.

  23. Click the Network Layer drop-down arrow and click the network dataset the turns feature class is part of.
  24. On the Network Analyst toolbar, click the Build Network Dataset button Build Network Dataset.

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