A quick tour of managing published metadata documents

Once metadata has been published, documents in the ArcIMS Metadata Service can be managed in the same manner that you manage other ArcGIS items. While the steps for managing published metadata documents are the same as for other items in the Catalog window, there are a few differences in how the Metadata Service manages those documents that are useful to know:


The owner of a document and the administrator of the Metadata Service can rename and delete documents. Only the owner of a document has permission to edit its content. Anyone with permission to publish to a Metadata Service can create folders and copy documents to them.

You can see all properties of your published documents in Details view in the Contents tab in ArcCatalog.

Published metadata document properties

Tasks for managing these properties are unique to ArcIMS Metadata Services:

Published metadata documents that describe an ArcIMS Image or Feature Service have a different icon ArcIMS Metadata Document For Live Services. For these documents, Details view shows the ArcIMS server, service name, and service type recorded in the Metadata Service for each document. You can preview the service described in the Preview tab.

Preview a published document that describes a live service.

If any document properties that you see in Details view are incorrect, update the metadata to contain the correct information in the appropriate metadata element and republish the document.

Browse folders and the metadata librarian

A Metadata Service is only useful if the published documents are easy to find. Creating a useful catalog of documents requires the services of a librarian who can manage the documents and work with contributors to ensure their quality. Like building an index for a book, the librarian needs to think about the various ways people will look for resources.

The librarian can use the Catalog window to construct a series of folders that organizes the published ArcIMS metadata documents in different ways. One document could appear in a different place in each hierarchy. One folder might organize documents by geographic location, another folder might organize documents by publisher, another by subject, and so on. When browsing the contents of the service, people can use each of those folders as a different entry point to drill down through the available resources and find what they need.

Organize published documents into folders for browsing.

The librarian must be granted permission to administer the service by the ArcIMS administrator.

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