Publishing metadata to an ArcIMS Metadata Service

You can publish an ArcGIS item's metadata or a stand-alone metadata XML file to an ArcIMS Metadata Service using the Catalog window if you have permission to do so. The ArcIMS administrator will give you a user name and password that has been granted the appropriate permissions. Connect to ArcIMS using this login information.

When metadata is published, the metadata is retrieved from the item. A copy of the metadata is added to the Metadata Service's database and indexed for fast searching. The item itself—the geodatabase feature class, layer file, or ArcMap document—is not published or moved from its original location.

When metadata is published to an ArcIMS Metadata Service, a unique identifier is generated if the metadata doesn't already contain one. This identifier is added to both the original and published copies of the metadata. ArcIMS Metadata Services use a GUID identifier that is separate from other identifiers that may have already been provided in the metadata content.

  1. Connect to the ArcIMS Server that hosts the Metadata Service you want to modify.
  2. Double-click the Metadata Service Write Access Metadata Service.

    If the service's icon does not show a hand holding a pencil Metadata Service, you don't have permission to publish to this Metadata Service, and you won't be able to complete this task.

  3. Press the CTRL key while clicking the ArcGIS items whose metadata you want to publish in the contents list.
  4. Click the Copy button Copy.
  5. Click the ArcIMS Metadata Service or the folder in the ArcIMS Metadata Service to which you want to publish the metadata.
  6. Click the Paste button Paste.

    Publishing can take a few moments.

    The published documents ArcIMS Metadata Document appear in the service's contents.

    Published metadata documents.

    If any problems were encountered, a report appears indicating why a document could not be published. If any documents were previously published, the report shows which documents were updated.

    A report lets you know if any messages were returned when publishing a metadata document.

You can publish metadata by dragging and dropping an item on an ArcIMS Metadata Service or one of the folders within the metadata service. For example, this is the only way you can publish metadata describing ArcIMS Image and ArcIMS Feature Services.

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