Data management with Workflow Manager

The ArcGIS Workflow Manager helps simplify your data management strategy. It ensures that your users are accessing the right data at the right time.

Data access controls

Workflow Manager has tools to help manage your data access. Each user is assigned a database login, so in many cases, the end user does not ever need to manually connect to the database themselves. The geodatabase version they are using can also be tracked as a property of the job, which helps in reducing errors (editing the wrong version) and can also help in saving the user time while setting up their data.

To learn how to configure database logins for your users, refer to the data workspace topic.

Version management

The ArcGIS geodatabase supports multiuser data editing via versioning. Each user that requests a map edit is given their own child version of the map document so they may make edits separate from other users. Once they have completed their edits, the version may be reconciled and posted back to the parent version.

In a workflow management environment, administering manual version management is difficult and inefficient. Versions must be tracked including what version each job is working on, the connections to a version, and cleanup. Workflow Manager takes charge of version management and frees the user from this burden. Instead of using ArcCatalog to delegate job versions, simply associate a version with a job, and Workflow Manager will handle the rest.

With Workflow Manager, you can leverage and take advantage of versioning without requiring a deep understanding of versioning.

Published 6/7/2010