A quick tour of graphs

What follows is a high-level overview of how to work with graphs through the various user interface components for creating, viewing, and designing your graphs.

Graphs menu

The Graphs menu is accessed from the View menu off of the Main menu. The Graphs menu has the options to create new graphs, manage graphs, and load existing graphs. Also, it lists the graphs existing in the current document.

Graph menu

Create Graph Wizard

The Graph Wizard steps you through the graph creation process. On the first page of this wizard, you have the ability to specify the type of graph to be created and the fields to be chosen for the graph axes, labels, and other properties such as style and color. On the following page of this wizard, you have the ability to specify the title of the graph and the axes. To launch the Create Graph Wizard, click Create from the Graphs menu.

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Create Graph Wizard

Graph Manager

The Graph Manager allows you to manage the existing graphs in your ArcMap, ArcScene, or ArcGlobe document. Using the Graph Manager, you can choose to open, save, rename, and remove graphs. You can export and print them, as well as add them to a layout in ArcMap. To access the Graph Manager, click Manage from the Graphs menu.

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Graph Manager

Geoprocessing tools

You can choose to create graphs using geoprocessing tools found under the Graph toolset in the Data Management toolbox. These tools can be used one at a time or chained together in a model or script to create a graph of the desired type.

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Graph toolset

Published 6/7/2010