Creating a graph using geoprocessing tools

While developing a model or establishing a workflow, you might want to visualize output data or analysis results in the form of a graph. To facilitate this, two geoprocessing tools, Make Graph and Save Graph, are available.

These tools, located in the ArcToolbox Graphs toolset of the Data Management toolbox, are intended to be included in models and scripts where they can be used to automate and batch the graph creation process.

To use the Make Graph tool, you are required to input a graph template (.tee) file or a graph file (.grf).

After the template or graph file is specified, you can change the source dataset and also the attributes being graphed from the source data, and finally, you can specify a name for the new graph created by the tool.

If the tool is executed while in an ArcGIS Desktop application,the output graph created by the Make Graph tool will be displayed as a new graph in a separate window. If the tool is executed from a script, the graph would need to be saved using the Save Graph tool. The Save Graph tool allows for the output to be either a new graph file(.grf) or a graphic of the graph.

Published 6/7/2010