Creating a geodatabase in PostgreSQL on Windows

To create a geodatabase in PostgreSQL on a Windows server, use the Post Installation wizard.

The Post Installation wizard takes you through the following steps:


You only need to create a service if there are users at your site who will connect to the geodatabase using an ArcSDE service.

  1. The first dialog box of the wizard lets you choose whether to perform all the postinstallation tasks or choose only some of the tasks. For most installations, choose the Complete option and click Next.

    You might choose the Custom option if you do not want to create an ArcSDE service; you only need to update your authorization file in an existing geodatabase; or your database administrator has already created the database, tablespace, sde user, and schema and granted the sde user superuser permission in the database.

  2. In the User information dialog box, type the name and password of the PostgreSQL database cluster administrator.

    This connects you to PostgreSQL as a user who has sufficient permissions to create a database and other objects in the database cluster.

  3. Click Next.
  4. Type a password for the sde user in the SDE user password text box.
  5. Type a name for the new database in the Database name text box.

    The name of a database used to store a geodatabase cannot contain special characters.

  6. Type a name for a tablespace for the database in the Default tablespace text box.
  7. The Tablespace folder text box contains a default location on the local hard drive and the name of a folder (sde). You can use the default, or click Browse to choose a different location on the local hard drive.

    The folder in which the tablespace is created must be empty. If it is not, an error is returned to you.

  8. Click Next.
  9. On the ArcSDE configuration files dialog box, specify which configuration files to use to connect to and configure the geodatabase. For most installations, you can choose to Use the default file.
  10. Click Next.
  11. On the second User information dialog box, type the password for the sde user and the name of the database. Click Next to continue.

    This connects you to the database as the sde user and creates the geodatabase. This is done because the sde user must own the geodatabase system tables and files.

  12. You should receive a message indicating whether or not the geodatabase was created successfully.
  13. Choose whether or not to view the log.
    • If you want to view the creation log, click Yes. You should do this if the geodatabase was not created.
    • If the geodatabase was created without error and you do not want to view the log, click No.

The geodatabase has been created.

Next, you must authorize the geodatabase. See Authorizing ArcSDE geodatabases in PostgreSQL on Windows. If you are creating a service, see Creating and starting an ArcSDE service for geodatabases in PostgreSQL on Windows.

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