User permissions for geodatabases in Informix

This topic describes the required database privileges for common types of users: data viewers, data editors, data creators, and the ArcSDE administrator.

If your users do more than view and issue simple SELECT statements, they need RESOURCE privileges in the Informix database. Resource-level privileges allow the user to do the following:

You can use the SQL GRANT statement to grant the RESOURCE privilege to the ArcSDE administrator and other users as appropriate.


Type of user

Database permissions

Dataset permissions


Data viewer


If your database is configured to use shared ArcSDE log files (the default), additional privileges may be needed. See Log file table configuration options for more information.

Data editor


SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE on other users' datasets

Data creator


ArcSDE administrator


CONNECT on the sysadmin database*

To create a geodatabase in an existing database, the ArcSDE administrator user (sde) must be granted RESOURCE privileges for that database. To upgrade an existing geodatabase, the ArcSDE administrator user (sde) must be granted DBA privileges for that database.

*CONNECT to sysadmin is required only if the sde user needs to kill direct connections to the geodatabase.

Database privileges should be granted and revoked by connecting to the Informix geodatabase as a user with DBA privilege and then executing SQL GRANT and REVOKE statements directly.

Dataset privileges should be granted or revoked by the dataset owner using the Change Privileges geoprocessing tool that is available in ArcGIS Desktop. See Granting and revoking privileges on datasets and Change Privileges for instructions.

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