Granting and revoking privileges on datasets

If you want to let other database users view or modify the contents of any data in an ArcSDE geodatabase, you must grant them the privilege to do so.

Use the Change Privileges geoprocessing tool to specify what privileges a user has on a specific dataset. You can grant SELECT privileges, meaning the user can read and select from but not modify the contents of a dataset. You can also grant a user edit privileges (SELECT, UPDATE, INSERT, and DELETE), which allows the user to both view and modify the contents of a dataset.

The privileges that allow a user to modify a dataset (UPDATE, INSERT, and DELETE) are granted and revoked as a group.

The following rules apply to granting and revoking privileges on data:

  1. Start ArcMap, open the Catalog window, then double-click the Database Connections folder in the Catalog tree.
  2. Connect to the geodatabase that contains the data for which you want to alter privileges.

    Be sure to connect as the owner of the data.

  3. Right-click the dataset and click Privileges.

    You could also open the Change Privileges tool from the Data Management toolbox.

    This opens the Change Privileges geoprocessing tool.

  4. See Change Privileges for instructions on using this tool.

    Within the tool, the View drop-down menu allows you to specify whether you want the user to have SELECT privileges on the dataset. AS IS means the user's SELECT privileges stay the same, GRANT means you are granting the user SELECT permission to the dataset, and REVOKE means you are removing the SELECT privilege.

    Use the Edit drop-down menu to choose which option you want for the UPDATE, INSERT, and DELETE privileges for this user on this dataset.