Installing Informix and ArcSDE on different servers

If you install ArcSDE on a different server than the IBM Informix database, you need to install the Informix client on the server where ArcSDE is installed.

The ArcSDE server must have the Informix Client-SDK or the Informix Connect (IConnect) product installed. The ArcSDE server machine must also have the Setnet32 application installed, which comes with both the Informix Client-SDK and IConnect applications.


The ESRI support site provides information on which versions of the Informix Client-SDK or IConnect products are supported with each release of ArcGIS. Go to and navigate to Software > ArcGIS Server > System Requirements.

  1. Install the Informix Client-SDK or the IConnect application on each remote client machine you want to connect directly to your database.

    See your Informix documentation for further information or help on how to install these applications.

    Installing the client makes the Informix client setup files you need available to you.

  2. Be sure that the user on each client machine you want to connect directly to your database has the connect permission on the database server.
  3. Set up an ODBC driver connection.
  4. Test the connection.
  5. If you plan to use an ArcSDE service and ArcSDE is installed on a Windows server, see Creating an ArcSDE service from a remote Windows server.