Setting up the Informix Setnet32 application

Be sure the Informix installation correctly set up the Setnet32 application. The Setnet32 application can be opened from the Windows Start menu: Start > All Programs > IBM Informix Client-SDK 3.50 > Setnet32.

  1. When the Setnet32 application opens, make sure the following variables are set to your installation: INFORMIXDIR, INFORMIXSERVER, and INFORMIXSQLHOSTS. If they are not, you must set them manually by typing the appropriate information in each text box.
  2. Click the Server Information tab and check the information to make sure it contains the correct values for your Informix installation. If it does not, type the correct values in the Informix Server, Host name, Protocol name, and Service Name text boxes.
  3. Click the Host Information tab and make sure the information for your configuration is correct. If it is not, do the following:
    1. Choose the Informix server from the Current Host drop-down list.
    2. Type the name of the connecting user in the User Name text box.
    3. Choose Password from the Password Option drop-down list.
    4. Type the connecting user's password in the Password text box.
  4. Click OK.

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