Default configuration keywords specific to DB2

In addition to the default DBTUNE keywords common to all database managment systems (DBMSs) that were listed in the topic Types of configuration keywords, there is another configuration keyword in DB2—IMS_GAZETTEER. In ArcSDE 9.3 or later release geodatabases, the IMS_GAZETTEER keyword can be used to control the size of XML documents used with an ArcIMS gazetteer metadata service. You can specify the size of an XML column's data using the parameters XML_DOC_LOB_SIZE and XML_DOC_VAL_LOB_STORAGE. Gazetteer XML documents are usually smaller than other XML documents, so you can generally set the value lower for these documents under this keyword.

The XML_DOC_LOB_SIZE parameter specifies the size of the XML document in the xml_doc_val column of the sde_xml_doc<n> table. XML_DOC_VAL_LOB_SIZE indicates the storage size for the XML document content in the xml_doc_val column of the sde_xml_doc<n> table. XML_COLUMN_STORAGE sets the XML column data type to ArcSDE XML, which is the only supported data type for ArcIMS Gazetteer Metadata Services.

The default values are as follows:



You will notice that these same parameters—XML_DOC_LOB_SIZE and XML_DOC_VAL_LOB_SIZE—are present under the DEFAULTS configuration keyword and are set to the same size. Set the size for these parameters under the DEFAULTS keyword to the size you most often want for your XML document storage. Set these parameters under the IMS_GAZETTEER keyword to another size that you will only use for XML document storage with an ArcIMS gazetteer metadata service. See Configuring a DB2 database to support ArcSDE XML columns for examples and recommendations on how to set these.

When you run the gazetteer import script to load the gazetteer export files, the IMS_GAZETTEER keyword is used by default. For more information about ArcIMS Metadata Services and the gazetteer, refer to the ArcIMS Metadata Service section of the ArcIMS help.


XML keywords and parameters do not affect geodatabases on DB2 for z/OS, since XML is not supported for these geodatabases at this time.

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