Configuring a DB2 database to support ArcSDE XML columns

If you plan to use ArcSDE XML columns (for example, with ArcIMS metadata services), you must install the IBM DB2 Text Search Extender. Once this is installed and registered with the database and your geodatabase is created and configured, you create the ArcSDE XML columns and also create text indexes. If using metadata services, you must set up a metadata service user account.

After everything is set up, you need to maintain the text index and text tag indexes.


This does not apply to DB2 databases on z/OS; ArcSDE XML columns are not supported in geodatabases in DB2 on z/OS.

  1. Install or migrate to Text Search Extender, when you install DB2.
    • If you are installing DB2, follow the instructions in the IBM documentation and install Text Search Extender.
    • If you are upgrading your DB2 database, migrate from Net Search Extender to Text Search Extender. Instructions for this migration can be found at the DB2 site. The minimum supported version of Text Search Extender for ArcGIS 10 is 9.5 Fp4.
  2. Follow the instructions in the IBM documentation to verify that the extender has been installed or migrated and is working properly.
  3. Enable the database for Text Search Extender. This can be accomplished either by using the DB2 Control Center or by issuing DB2 commands at the operating system's command prompt. A database only needs to be enabled once before the first ArcSDE XML column is created in that database.
    • From the DB2 Control Center, right-click the database in which the XML column or ArcIMS Metadata Service will be created, click Text Search Extender, then click Enable Database for Text.
    • Or at the operating system's command prompt, start the Text Search Extender instance service by executing this command:
      db2ts "START FOR TEXT"
      Then enable the database for Text Search Extender by executing this command:
      Replace <sde> with the name of the database in which an ArcSDE XML column will be created.