Installing DB2 and ArcSDE on separate servers

If you install ArcSDE and your DB2 database management system (DBMS) on different servers, you must install the DB2 client on the server where ArcSDE is installed.

  1. Install the DB2 Administration or Application Development client on the server on which ArcSDE is installed.
  2. Using DB2 Configuration Assistant, test to make sure the DB2 client on the ArcSDE server can connect to the DB2 database on the other server.
  3. On the machine where ArcSDE is installed, set the SDE_DATABASE environment variable in the dbinit.sde file to your remote DB2 database. For example, add an entry similar to the following:

    set SDE_DATABASE=sdedb2

  4. Complete the postinstallation setup for the geodatabase.
  5. If you plan to use an ArcSDE service and ArcSDE is installed on a Windows server, see Creating an ArcSDE service from a remote Windows server.