Creating an ArcSDE service from a remote Windows server

If your database management system (DBMS) is installed on one server and ArcSDE is installed on a separate Windows server, you cannot run the ArcSDE Post Installation wizard to create the service. Instead, you must use the sdeservice command to create an ArcSDE service if you want to use one.

The sdeservice command has the following syntax when used to create a service:

sdeservice -o create -p <ArcSDE_admin_password> 
[-n] [-H <sde_directory>] [-i <service>] [-s <data_source>]
[-u <service_user>] [-P <service_user_password>]

When you create a service, the sdesetup command requires you to include the -d option and value. However, it is not possible for a Windows service to have a dependency on a service that is on a remote server. Therefore, you must specify the -n option to negate the dependency.

This command is only used on Windows servers and is executed at an MS-DOS command prompt. For more information about the sdeservice command, see the ArcSDE Administration Command Reference provided with the ArcSDE component of ArcGIS Server at the enterprise level.

  1. At an MS-DOS command prompt, type the sdeservice command with the create operation.
    sdeservice -o create -p sdepasswd -d DB2,DB2POOL
    -n -i sdesvc
  2. Register the database to use with the service.
    sdeservice -o register -r ADMIN_DATABASE -v ENTGDB
    -p sdepasswd -i sdesvc

Once the service has been created, use the sdemon command to start it.

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