Creating a geodatabase in DB2 on z/OS

Use the sdesetup command to create the geodatabase in the database subsystem. The sdesetup command creates all the ArcSDE geodatabase system tables and stored procedures in the database management system (DBMS).

The sdesetup command must execute successfully to properly create your geodatabase and for ArcSDE to function correctly.

The full usage for the sdesetup command with the install operation on DB2 for z/OS is as follows:

sdesetup -o install -d DB2ZOS [-H <sde_directory>] [-u <DB_Admin_user>]
[-p <DB_Admin_password>] -D <database_subsystem> [-N] [-l <license_file>] [-q]

The options are as follows:


The sde user must have specific authority to create the geodatabase.

  1. Open an MS-DOS command window.
  2. Change to the bin directory of %SDEHOME%.
  3. Type the following command:
    sdesetup -o install -d DB2ZOS -D <database_subsystem> -u sde 
    -p <sde_user_password> -l <license_file>

    If you do not have the license file at this time, you can run sdesetup without the -l option to create the ArcSDE geodatabase system tables and files. When you obtain the file, you can run the sdesetup command with the update_key operation.

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