Verifying the geodatabase was created in DB2 on z/OS

To verify the success of the geodatabase setup, you can create, query, then delete a test table in the newly created geodatabase using the sdetable command.

  1. Open an MS-DOS prompt.
  2. Create a table in the geodatabase using the sdetable command.
    sdetable -o create -t verify -d id integer -i sde:db2zos -D <databse_subsystem_name> -u sde
  3. Ensure that ArcSDE reports that the table creation was successful, then type the following command to obtain the table information:
    sdetable -o describe -t verify -i sde:db2zos -D <databse_subsystem_name> -u sde
  4. Delete your test table using the following command:
    sdetable -o delete -t verify -i sde:db2zos -D <databse_subsystem_name> -u sde
  5. For all these commands, you will be prompted to provide the password for the sde user.